One Piece Snow Suit


The ultimate, head-turning one piece snow suit is here! If you’ve been hunting around the web for a retro-styled one piece ski suit and haven’t quite found what you’re looking, then fear not – we might have the exact snowsuit you’re looking for.

OOSC Clothing have created several ski suit designs (men's and women's), inspired by countless ski seasons and a love of Après.

Our all in one snow suits are fun and retro-inspired. They all include colorful designs combined with technical gear, with 10k breathability and waterproof ratings. It was acceptable in the 80's, so we thought why don’t we provide ski and Après-lovers with clothing that represents an authentic, modern expression of their style.

Our men's and women's adult one piece snow suits fuse epic designs with waterproof and functional fabrics.

And did you know, since the start of the 2018/19 season, all our ski suits are sustainably made using recycled plastic bottles?

OOSC Clothing strives to become a leading name in retro-infused urban sportswear fashion and the go-to brand for riders and Après-lovers worldwide. Join in the fun at #apreseveryday. Need some snowsuit inspiration? Check out our collection of all in one ski suits at this link –

One Piece Snowsuit – Why Choose OOSC Clothing?

OOSC Clothing only do retro ski snowsuits, jackets, bibs, tees, sweats, accessories and now gym wear. It's what we live and breathe.

As mentioned above, all our suits are sustainably made using recycled plastic bottles , because at the end of the day, we want future generations to enjoy the mountains as much as we do today.

You might find adult snowsuits elsewhere, but we guarantee you'll come back to OOSC in the end.

One Piece Adult Snow Suit - Men, Women