Katie Ormerod Joins OOSC as Brand Athlete

We are proud and super excited to announce that Katie Ormerod has joined team OOSC as our NEW Brand Athlete.

Katie is an amazing addition to the team with her style in skiwear matching her style on a snowboard, INCREDIBLE! Sharing the same values as we do on sustainability and aiming to make winter sports accessible for generations to come, the partnership is something both Katie and OOSC are proud to announce. Watch this space… we have some BIG plans up our sleeve…

We chatted to Katie and asked her some questions about her career, style and joining team OOSC

When did you start snowboarding?

I started Snowboarding when I was 5 years old at my local dry slope in Halifax, West Yorkshire, as my parents were keen Snowboarders, therefore it was only natural that I wanted to get involved too.

When did you make it pro?

I would say that I turned pro when I was 16 years old. I was already competing in World Cups from the age of 15, but I started to get bigger sponsors at 16 and in the same year cemented my name in international freestyle snowboarding after becoming the first female in the world to land a backside double cork 1080.

What was your best memory of snowboarding?

My best memory was being in Laax, Switzerland with my whole family for the British Championships when I was nine years old. We did a big road trip from the UK and I was extremely excited as it was my first time in Laax and we all had such a fun time. The weather was amazing the entire trip and the atmosphere was incredible.

How did it feel when you were selected for the Winter Olympics?

Being selected for the Winter Olympics was a dream come true. I had always dreamt of becoming an Olympian, performing for my country on the world's biggest sporting stage, so to officially qualify and be selected to the Team GB Olympic team was the most amazing feeling ever. I knew that all my hard work throughout my entire snowboarding career had paid off and I just couldn't wait to get out there, do my best and enjoy the experience.

How do you get prepared before a competition?

I always get nervous before competing, but I am experienced enough now to understand that it can work in my favour, almost like a super power. I turn the nerves into positive adrenaline and remind myself that I am more than capable of landing my tricks under pressure. I always get a good night's sleep, going to bed early and aiming to get between 9 and 10 hours of rest, before having a big breakfast.

Tell us why OOSC is a great brand partnership for you?

OOSC is a great brand partnership for me as I absolutely love their outgoing, fresh and colourful clothing, as well as the fun, energetic, feel-good vibes that they radiate. OOSC don't only design snow outerwear, but also fitness and swimwear, which is perfect for my very active lifestyle, meaning I can look great in the gym and pool, as well as on the slopes!

What’s your view on sustainability when it comes to skiwear?

Sustainability is very important to me and I always aspire to work with eco-friendly, sustainable brands, such as OOSC, who work with organic and recycled materials and I think it is amazing that they are able to turn recycled plastic bottles into outerwear that is not only functional, but looks good too.

What is your favourite outfit from OOSC’s new season styles?

My favourite outfit from the new season styles is the 1080 Women's Ski & Snowboard jacket in pastel peach, white and blue, with matching pants. I love that it is a classy outfit with a major pop of colour which definitely stands out on the slopes.

Which is your favourite of the OOSC ski suit collection?

My favourite suit is the rainbow road ski suit. I love how bright and extra it is!

Describe your skiwear style?

I am constantly experimenting with my style and every season provides a new opportunity to wear something different and turn heads. I always try to pack in my suitcase a mix of extravagant clothing, as well as a nice classy jacket and pant combo, so that I am always ready to stand out on the mountains.

Describe OOSC in three words?

Extra, Fun, Colourful

What are your plans for the next 3 years with your Snowboarding?

I am constantly working hard to progress my Snowboarding abilities, which I will continue to do, as well as competing on the World Cup tour. The 2026 Winter Olympics is going to come round fast and qualifications begin in the next couple of years, so I am very excited to begin my third Olympic Cycle.

What is your favourite Snowboard trick to land?

I love a backflip, as it is such a fun feeling, floating upside down in the air, completely weightless.

Where is your favourite place to Snowboard?

My favourite place to Snowboard is Laax, Switzerland. I have so many amazing memories there as I have been visiting since I was only 9 years old and the mountain itself is incredible.

What do you do in your free time?

I have many different hobbies, which I thoroughly enjoy. I am currently teaching myself to play the keyboard, I practice yoga, reading and writing, as well as being outdoors, such as walking my dog in the dales or paddle boarding on a lake.

What advice do you have for people who want to try snowboarding?

My advice would be to just go for it. Find your local dry slope, indoor centre or mountain and book in for some lessons. Treat yourself to a fun, feel-good outfit to help you feel incredible on the slopes and last but not least, make sure to have as much fun as possible, as that is what Snowboarding is all about.

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