Love at First Suit - an OOSC Valentines Story

We LOVE a love story at OOSC and what better time than to showcase the love of some of the biggest OOSC fans we have ever met on Valentine's Day! We met Rhianna and her fiancé Rory at our event in Chamonix before Christmas as they lit up the room as they proudly walked in reppin' their OOSC ski suits. We got talking and discovered their love for OOSC was just the start as they let us in on their 'love at first suit' story...

rasta suit

When and how did you meet?

We were at après at La Bergerie in La Plagne. I was with my sister Tara and best mate visiting our good friend Euan who was doing a season there. Tara, Euan and I were doing a synchronised dance on a table (in onesies, obviously) as they were giving out raffle tickets to win a snowboard to people throwing the best shapes! I had noticed a guy in a bright onesie and then mid-dance he approached me and said “nice onesie!”

I replied “you too!”

He then turned to Euan and said “yours is better.” I was outraged! It definitely wasn’t - I mean, what’s better than Rainbow Road? Nothing.

Long story short, I won the snowboard and, ultimately, also my life partner!

What do you love more, each other or an OOSC ski suit?

Tough call, but we would have to say each other!

What is your most romantic memory on the slopes?

Rory and I were skiing in Wengen for our third anniversary and he told me he wanted to take pictures of us in the suits we met in. He chose a gorgeous, remote spot off the piste at the top of the Manlichen, set up his camera on a little tripod… and got down on one knee. And he’d left me clipped into my skis so there was a lot of squealing and trying unsuccessfully to jump around until he took pity on me and stamped me out of them! It was perfect.


How many Ski Suits do you have?

I have 5, every model of the rainbow road, and Rory has 4! Oh and loads of the matching baselayers! We can't get enough.

ski suits

Which is your favourite ski suit?

Rainbow road. Obvi. For Rory it’s definitely his Fresh Prince.

Would you recommend OOSC Ski Suits?

Already have, many times! I think we’ve probably persuaded about 40 people to buy them over the years…

What’s your favourite feature on our Ski Suits?

The bright, jazzy patterns! I love neon and the retro vibe.

How does wearing an OOSC ski suit make you feel?

Bright, jazzy and fun! Also Europeans often assume that Brits in bright onesies are crap at skiing so we particularly enjoy proving them wrong!

Do you have any more OOSC clothing?

Rory has a jacket and hat. I have matching thermals for my rainbow road and my pink/turquoise leopard print suit.

Describe OOSC in three words?

Fun. Colourful. Baller.

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